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The next medium sized thing.

The next medium sized thing.
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Melbourne 4-piece The Suits hit Sydney this weekend for Friday &
Saturday gigs at Spectrum & The Hoey. The band was also scheduled to
record a new single on Sunday at Reverberation before returning home on

I heard this goss from guitarist Matt while he was setting up for The
Hopetoun gig. He mentioned the song’s name was Wasted just as I’d
simultaneously scoped it on one of the hastily scrawled set lists -
subsequently nabbed by an exuberant female follower of the band after
their groove-filled set.

They opened with the new song but for reasons unknown (to me) it wasn’t
announced. By the time they came on the audience had swelled and people
of all shapes, sizes, ages and appearances who’d been nicely primed by
the earlier bands moved in close and tight for a good drenching of
guitar frenzied pop-rock coupled with tactile, intelligent melodies.
The opener captured the lively vibrant atmosphere already present with
an artillery-like percussion beat that was slowed down just a notch to
reveal an angsty edge. It never became too ragged and the variety and
tone sounded tighter and more dynamic with a few more leaves taken from
the same book of rock ‘n’ roll history found on their debut EP.

The set bled all the throwbacks of style from the good thick bassline
that sounded excellent once it was turned down a bit, to the
semi-sinister vocals. Standing directly in front of Matt I couldn’t
hear the darting and jangly Rickenbaker of Danna but I was able to
watch the tight drumming which was of an awe-inspiring quality. Tearing
through their numbers like a drunken tornado they played with
confidence and ease, even though from where I stood the vocals sounded
buried in the mix. They’d set up their gear quickly, at the urging of
their manager Emily who interrupted my ‘chat’ with Matt… still the
smiling faces I noticed standing directly in front of the band
suggested The Suits firm musical foundation more than pulled them
through the couple of niggly sound issues on the night.

At the risk of an overkill more pronounced than wearing mirrored
sunnies after December 4 - that’s like after Homebake (unless, of
course, you’re on the North Shore where ‘anything goes’ in the most
horribly unimaginable ways) The Suits have already been given a run on
this ‘ere site. But there’s an increasing interest in the band, which
from the sound they’re making, is slowly transforming their apparent
attitude-is-everything approach into a productive and functioning
output. The explosively odd shifts in tempo heard in their sound are at
times perfect hinting of a rock mobility that lends the songs a furious
pace and tone. The guitars explode and the drums crash into a romantic
interlude that is suddenly shattered by the mini-opera of vocals.
Fingers are crossed for The Suits that they can develop this stability
enough to move on up the line to greater things.

- Peter Thornton January 2005.

Date: 2005-01-24 11:40:35

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