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February Wiring Sketch

February Wiring Sketch
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this is more similar to the entropy circus live set-up I was using last year. may require some expansion.

tapco blend 6 mixer:
channel 1 - input - (gain(+20) aux1 (0) aux2 (+2) level (+5))
channel 2 - aux2 loop - (gain(0) low (+15) aux1 (-2) level (0))
channel 3 - stereo drumbox input - (high (+15) low (+15) level (max)
aux return - from aux1 - +8
aux1 - to echo park
aux2 - splitter to a) autowah b) drumbox

line 6 echo park - mix (+2) repeat (0) time (tap) mod (min) analog sim & trails

vox 1904 autowah - decay (max) drive (min and rising)

dod classic fuzz - vol (0) tone (min) fuzz (max)

yamaha ne-1 - level (max) Q (deep) freq (min)

boss acoustic sim - all max - enhance mode

(notes on pics for non-geeks)
Date: 2007-02-20 21:53:23

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