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Buffer box

Buffer box
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Mini Bud case that will soon house my buffer.
Date: 2007-03-19 09:37:30

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where did you buy this !!??
Frances G. Iceland Rhoðes 2007-12-29 22:19:15
This is a Bud box that I bought at Farnell.
germanium 2007-12-30 16:48:06
hi it's me again... 2 years later!! haha

could you tell me if it is difficult to do a buffer inverter with unity gain? knowing that i had basic skills in electronics a few years ago and never practiced at designing circuits...

and... i'm not sure to know what a buffer is exactly... is it an impedance problem only?
Frances G. Iceland Rhoðes 2010-03-29 20:34:05
You can get a unity gain inverter with any opamp.

Yeah, people use buffers because the guitar is high impedance.
germanium 2010-03-31 20:13:09
oh thanks! :)

so, if you use a buffer between your instrument, guitar for example, and your amp your signal level will be lower than if you plug directly your guitar to the amp? or a buffer has a gain that you can chose?

from what i heard, a buffer is a device that has a low input impedance (like 1k ohms) and a high output impedance (like 1M ohms), but i don't know if it is right, and i don't know what other specs a buffer must or can have!
Frances G. Iceland Rhoðes 2010-04-01 12:27:12

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