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Pickups #2

Pickups #2
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Soapbar from an old Fender Jazzmaster and a Bill Lawrence mini
Date: 2005-03-21 17:23:35

red guitar pickup

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Love the price tag! A guitar has such beautiful form. From the pictures I'd venture to say you're a little in love with it.
lapinfille 2005-03-22 01:51:00
Yes the price tag is real, that's what I paid for it about 15 years ago. Bought it at Highlife records. It needed a lot of work to be what it is now. Actually it needs a little more work (wiring) to be working properly. Very unique guitar with unique tones. The top pickup comes from a guitar like this one.
Rotcoddam 2005-03-22 04:35:30
Nice shot. Gret guitar.

I own Fender Stratocaster SRV (Steve Ray Vaughan model). Maybe you know it :).
digikuva 2005-04-07 15:35:10
Yes and I remember reading details about his set-up. Big strong hands on that boy. I saw him play a very short time before he died, March 1990. He didn't hit a bad note all night. Seriously.
Do you tune your guitar down a step to E-Flat and use heavy strings?
Rotcoddam 2005-04-07 15:42:16
I use thin strings and normal tune.
digikuva 2005-04-08 17:06:52
You might consider trying tuning down with heavier strings. I first tried it when I joined a band who did it for reasons of vocal range of a singer.
But I really liked it and haven't changed back.
More metal= better bell.
Rotcoddam 2005-04-08 17:15:07

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